Terms and

Terms and conditions for utilizing the website schlichting.ro

1. Definitions

1.1. In the present document, the following capitalized terms will, unless otherwise indicated, have the meanings specified below:

SITE: represents the SCHLICHTING Internet Site located at www.schlichting.ro, through which the USER has access to information about the services and products offered / provided by SCHLICHTING in the SCHLICHTING network.

SCHLICHTING: represents the company SCHLICHT.ING SRL., Based in 141 Blvd. Pipera, Vila 64, 077191 Voluntari, Romania, registered with the Bucharest Trade Register under no. J23/2805/2018 and having the Unique Registration Code RO36243116.

REGISTERED SHEETS: represent the registered trademarks of S.C. SCHLICHT.ING SRL, such as SCHLICHTING.RO, but without being limited to SCHLICHTING.

USER: represents the person accessing the SITE for private or professional purposes and accepting the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this SITE, fulfilling in this regard all the requirements of the registration process;

ABUSTABLE USE: is the use of the Site contrary to applicable practice, regulations and legislation in force, or in any other way that may cause damage to SCHLICHTING.

2. Site Content

2.1. The information published on the SITE is information of general interest about SCHLICHTING, the products marketed by it, its partners, and other information considered by SCHLICHTING to be of interest to USERS.
2.2. The information is usually made available to the USERS free of charge. SCHLICHTING reserves the right to implement certain services on the SITE that will be offered free of charge or at the cost of the CUSTOMERS.
THE USER has the obligation to respect all intellectual property rights of SCHLICHTING, provided by the legislation in force.

3. Using the site

3.1. USER agrees to access and use the SITE for purposes and means that are not abusive.

4. Limitation of liability for SCHLICHTING

4.1. Liability for SITE content. SCHLICHTING is not and can not be held responsible for damages caused by errors, inaccuracies or inactivity of information published or maintained on the SITE, which is not due to its fault.

4.2. If the prices or other details about the products / promotions were wrongly displayed, including because they were entered incorrectly in the database, we are given the right to cancel the delivery of the product and to announce the telephone / e- mail in the shortest time, about the error, if the product has not yet been delivered.

4.3. The characteristics of the products presented on the SITE are taken over by manufacturers and / or suppliers, and SCHLICHTING does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

4.4. The prices of the products on this site are informative and can be subject to unannounced changes. The promotions submitted on the SITE are valid for the specified time period / unless a period of time is specified, they are valid within the available inventory limits. The prices displayed on the SITE are not the same as in the SCHLICHTING store, so there may be differences between the price of the product displayed on the SITE and the one displayed in the SCHLICHTING store. Orders whose products ordered on the SITE have a lower price than the one displayed in the SCHLICHTING store remain valid and will be honored in order of their registration on the SITE and depending on the stock limit available for each product in the order. All products presented on this SITE are available within the physical stock available. In the event of stock depletion, the SCHLICHTING representative will offer alternatives by presenting other similar products as appearance and technical specifications to the ordered product whose stock has been exhausted.

4.5. Images are also shown on the SITE as an example, and the products delivered may differ from images in any way due to changes in design features without manufacturer’s prior notice.

4.6. SCHLICHTING reserves the right to complete and modify any information on the SITE.

4.7. Any issue caused by the products and / or services submitted to the SITE will be settled amicably within 15 business days of the date of written notice of the problems by the USER.

4.8. SCHLICHTING is not responsible for any loss, costs, processes, claims, expenses or other liability, if these are directly caused by non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions.

4.9. SCHLICHTING is not responsible for damages caused by the failure of the Site and for those resulting from the impossibility to access certain links posted on the Site.

4.10. Using the Internet Browser. SCHLICHTING guarantees optimal use of the Site by minimizing Internet Explorer 6.

4.11. We inform you that any complaints about aesthetic deficiencies of the products will be considered and will only be considered if they are claimed within the first 24 hours of receiving the product.

4.12. Registering the order is not a confirmation of it. Once the order has been received, it will be processed by our operators to confirm and establish delivery details. Delivery time is 1-3 business days from order confirmation.

5. Links

5.1 This site contains links to other sites. SCHLICHTING is not responsible for the confidentiality policy they apply. We recommend that you first consult the legal terms and other information regarding the collection of your personal data. The rules outlined in this text apply only to data collected on this site.

6. Notifications and actions on user information

6.1. At the written request of the users, dated and signed, sent to SCHLICHTING, it undertakes:

a) to confirm to the applicants whether they process personal data or not; this is done free of charge, once a year;

b) to rectify, update, block, erase or make anonymous data free of charge for data whose processing does not comply with the provisions on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data;

c) transmit to the user the personal data concerning him / her which SCHLICHTING provided in a structured format, currently used and readable for transmission to another operator;

d) cease processing of the user’s personal data if he so requests.

7. Communication of amendments

7.1. If a user’s identification information changes (such as a postal code) or if a user wants to quit our services, we will be responsible for correcting, updating or removing those personal data entrusted to us by the user. This can be done either on the contact page www.schlichting.ro/contact

7.2. Any changes to the terms of this policy will be communicated to users by email so that they are always informed about the information we collect, how we use them, and under what circumstances, if any, we will make them public.

7.3. Users may or may not agree to the use of information for other purposes.
We will use the data in accordance with the policy under which the information was collected, in accordance with the data processing notice and the Privacy Policy.

8. Security

8.1. This site adopts all the security measures necessary to protect the personal data of our users. Upon completing our personal information on our site, the information will be protected both offline and online. All personal data will be processed through secure pages that use the SSL encryption system, marked with the symbol of a locker, the location of which varies depending on the type of browser used.

By agreeing to this “Terms and conditions for utilizing the website schlichting.ro”, users assume the full potential risks.